My Family 2011

My Family 2011

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Birds And The Bees and a Whole Bunch More

Because I am a mother to three smart girls, I feel it's my job to teach them that they don't NEED boys to feel loved, beautiful, and important. I want them to know they do NEED girlfriends in their life. I could never add up the hours and hours I've spent staying up late at night with friends either on the phone at eachothers houses'. I want them to know that they will have plenty of time to have a boyfriend, be engaged, and get married. Mostly because I rushed into things so soon, I want my girls to enjoy going out with their girlfriends to see a chick flick, go on vacations, have slumber parties, and just be silly GIRLS. I know they can do all those things while having boyfriends and being married but it's just not the same when you have someone else to worry about. That being said, I am going to start having the "TALK" with Emily about boys and what most of them will want at that age. She is very  innocent (a lot like I was at her age) which worries me. My kids are not allowed to have a "Boyfriend or Girlfriend" until about 16 or 17. That may sound crazy and a little old fashioned but I do believe that is what works for us. I know they will have their crushes and flirt with boys and girls at school but they are  not allowed to go places with them, or have them over. I don't ecourage them to feel the need for that when they are so young. I do encourage them to go to dances with a boy or a girl when they are sophmores and juniors but I also tell them that going with your friends is fun too. I ask them if they like anyone or think any boy or girl at school is cute. We talk about those things a lot. We keep them pretty busy with sports and do a lot of things as a family. I have friends that have kids the same age as mine and they already have boyfriends that come over and hang out after school. I don't want my kids being that comfortable with boys or girls at that age. What happens when kids get too comfortable with eachother??? They get MORE comfortable with eachother!! No way, not in MY house! Even Kayla, being in the Marine Corps around a bunch of men still doesn't feel the need to have boyfriends all the time. My friends ask me all the time if Kayla has a boyfriend or if Jordan has a girlfriend. Sometimes I feel like they think something is wrong with them. I hope it is because I have taught them to enjoy themselves with or without a significant other in their life. They have plenty of time for all that!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just a few things about me ...........

I want…..  To be healthy enough to play with my grandchildren..........when I have them someday!

I have….. About 40 lbs to lose until I will feel comfortable with myself

I wish….. I could take in all the children who are being abused

I hate….. it when I can't find a hair brush in my house full of GIRLS!!!

I miss.... my oldest daughter soooo much!

I fear….. something bad happening to my family

I feel…... like taking a nice hot bath

I hear….. teenage girls giggeling down the hall

I smell….. my clean sheets on my bed

I crave….. nothing at the moment. I already snuck a Mc Donalds shake in tonight :)

I search….. for new recipes to try out on my family

I wonder….. how life will be for Jack and I when all the kids move out

I regret….. not going to college early on in my life

I love….. when I have all my kids back together

I ache….. when I hear of children being abused, neglected, or hungry

I care….. when my friends are going through hard times

I always….. try to be the best person I can be

I am not…..  always successful at being the best person I can be  :(

I believe…..  everyone has a story

I dance… make my kids laugh

I sing….. to 80's songs that my kids don't know

I cry…..  at sad movies ALL THE TIME!!

I don’t always….. show my husband how much I appreciate him

I fight….. to stand up for myself

I write….. in my journal almost every day

I never…. want to regret things in my life

I listen….. to anyone that needs to be heard.....even the old people at the gym :(

I need….. to try to be a better wife

I am happy….. to be seeing Kayla in July

This was fun and made me think a little.

Too many grays!!!

Do you see all those little tiny gray hairs? At 37 years old I didn't realize this would be happening already.  I have to carry tweezers in my purse because I can see them a lot better outside in my car. Gross right? I know, but it works!! I feel a little too young to have to be dealing with this. I know it's such a minor thing to complain about. My kids are all healthy,husband is healthy, and  I am healthy. I am healthy with a head FULL of gray hair!!!

Ugly Ugly

I guess I am lucky you can't see them from far away!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow days and military appreciation discounts

YAY.......we finally got snow last night!! The kids are pretty excited and I have to admit Jack and I are pretty excited too!! We haven't gotten snow in a long time and we are supposed to get more tonight. Hopefully we will be able to play in it this weekend.

Banana Republic is giving all military 50% off three regular priced items from January 19th to the 22nd. I thought that was a pretty good deal! It's in stores only so don't miss out.