My Family 2011

My Family 2011

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tore up from the floor up

Not me of course! I am talking about my house. We decided to put wood floors in our kitchen, living room, and dining room. So I got myself to thinking how sick of my house I am. Living in one place for more than 3 years is an eternity in the Marine Corps. and since we bought this house I am staying put for a LONG time. Soooo, if I am getting new floors than I should paint the walls first so I don't ruin my floors right?? I thought it was smart. Then I got to thinking how much I hate our cheap STANDARD cabinets. I can't afford to get new ones so why don't I just paint those too right?? Then we decided to take the counter out (the one Richard was sitting at in the picture below) and put it along the wall with the others and put in an island. Meanwhile my house is tore up and that is getting old real quick!!!

I do have a fabulous idea for this old outdated hutch I bought on Craigslist.

This is my dining room. It's very small but I have some fun ideas for this room too
And this room is the kitchen/ living room. It's a mess but I will post pictures when I am further along in the process! Is this mess giving you a headache???? Wish me luck!

Friday, February 3, 2012

You CAN actually get along with your EX husband!!!

My ex husband and I get along pretty well. That is somewhat normal and great for the kids. The fact that he and Jack get along is what throws people off! Richard is a nice guy (quite annoying at times haha) and a great dad. We were young and didn't take our marriage as seriously as we should have. I only regret it because divorce is never easy on the kids. It's funny though because when he comes out to stay (in a motel down the street....we don't get along THAT well) he reminds me of ALL the reasons why we are not together. HE DRIVES ME CRAZY!! We argue back and forth like we are brother and sister. He lives in Las Vegas and we live in Spokane Washington. He flies out for almost every holiday now adays. Jack actually likes the guy and gets along with him better than I do. We know it's not the normal situation but it's a good situation. Here he is at Christmas time.  Even Samson the dog loves Richard!!  It's always nice to see Richard leave though and it makes me realize that I am a much happier person with the man I am with now.......even though that guy drives me crazy too!!! haha

Richard and Samson

Me, Kayla, and Richard on Christmas morning. Yes, we even buy Richard Christmas presents.

Richard being sooo annoying!!!

Richard being sooo annoying AGAIN!!!!!