My Family 2011

My Family 2011

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Hardest Job in the Marine Corps.!!!!!!!!!

One of my husbands jobs here on I&I duty is being a CACO (Casualty Assistance Calls Officer). He is one of the Marines that shows up at your doorstep along with the chaplain and his Major to give you the terrible news that your son, husband, daughter, has died while on active duty. While we were sleeping my husband got a phone call at 1:00 a.m. this morning from headquaters Marine Corps. I could tell it was serious by the way he was talking and very nervously rummaging through his drawer by his bed looking for a pen and paper. I found them for him and he went downstairs to talk. I am always a little more nervous these days knowing my daughter is a Marine and the fact that anything can happen at any time. When he came back upstairs he started putting his clothes on immediatley, I knew something had to be wrong because Marines don't go anywhere (especially work) without doing a quick shave! He told me he had to do a CACO because a Lcpl had died. That is the only thing they told him over the phone. My stomach was in knotts knowing the family would wake up to a knock at the door at 2:00 in the morning that would change their life forever!! I went into the bathroom and got his hygiene gear (shaving kit) ready for him. I later found out that this was the terrible accident that had occured. My daughter is a Lcpl!!! This is just a little kid we are talking about. My husband hasn't even come home from work yet and will fnish out his day. All I can do is make things at home as peaceful and relaxing as I can. He has been on at least 3 of these while being stationed here. Some families scream and yell at him, some try to kick him out of their house, one Marine's brother started punching my husband telling him he never wanted his brother to be a Marine. I know this has to be the hardest job he has done in the Marine Corps!!  I'm sure the memories of seeing the faces of these families while getting this kind of news will never leave him.

Daisy's Roller Skate Party

Daisy celebrated her 9th Birthday last weekend. She wanted an 80's themed roller skating party. This kid loves the 80's look. I always tell her it's too bad she wasn't around back then because we had so much fun. She really thinks things were better back then HAHA. Well I have to admit.....they kind of were!!! :) Anyways, they had fun and so did I. I was out there roller skating right along with them. Two of the girls could barely stand up without falling so I was holding their hands the whole time. Even though we all had such a good time, I'm sooo glad the party is over.......until we do it all over again in March for Emily's Birthday!!!!

Quick Pictures before the party!

Daisy and Mommy! Again,excuse the painting....haha

Daisy and her Daddy

All the gilrs in their matching shirts and headbands!!

Pizza and cake

I love to see her smiling!

Silly girls striking a pose!!