My Family 2011

My Family 2011

Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy 14th Birthday Emily

Today is Emily's 14th Birthday. I like to think about the day Emily was born because it was so easy. I could do it over again 100 times. I didn't even really think she was ready to come yet because the pain never got that bad. With the first three of my kids I never got an epidural. The first two I should have but with Emily I barely even made it to the hospital and she came exactly an hour after I got there. The hospital was brand new and beautiful. It was in Summerlin, an area of Las Vegas. The hospital was very calm and even though they had all the respitory doctors and nurses in the room with me (they were afraid she ingested the meconium), it all seemed so calm and relaxing. She was so beautiful when she came out at 9lbs 2oz.  I am not just saying that because I am her mom because I can't say that about them all. (Haha)  Quite a few nurses came in my room a little while later and asked if they could see the perfect looking baby that was just born. True story!! She is still so beautiful with her shiny thick healthy long hair (all 3 of us girls are jealous of), her big lips, and her dark brown eyes. She is the most stubborn of all my kids and always has been. I love her and I love that she is the typical teenager with a ton of friends and a silly personality. I picked her and 3 friends up from school early and took them to Red Robin for lunch. Afterwards we went to Old Navy and Forever 21. It was a fun but exhausting day!!! Happy Birthday Ems!

Angie, Taylor, Denise, and Emily

They were singing to her
 This is my purse I just bought myself! I love it and got it for a very great deal. I can't wait to match up some cute summer outfits with it!