My Family 2011

My Family 2011

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Summer In California

My vacation has been great and we have been keeping very busy. These are a few pictures of things we have been doing. Shopping with Kayla has been the best part of my vacation. I am going to be very sad when she has to go back to Japan but it won't be long before she gets orders back to the states. YAY!!! More pictures to come!!

Little Jimmy's (my nephew) high school graduation that almost didn't happen.

I used to hold him like this when he was a baby. Aww :(

We are so proud he actually pulled it off. Haha

Spent some time in Big Bear at my parents cabin

My sister and I and only a few of our kids

Rare moments of siblings actually getting along

My kids LOVE their cousins and are so good with them (most of the time)

On a walk in Big Bear

We stayed at the Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel with my sister, Tami, (my best friend from high school) and her family

Miah and Nick after a swim

Night swimming is so much fun

The cousins playing nicely

Little Jimmy's graduation BBQ

Cousins in matching jammies

My friend Crystal's daughter's wedding

Vanessa was born a month before Kayla. We met while we we're pregnant together
Vanessa was bummed Kayla missed her wedding by a week.

Crystal and Vanessa

Of course I've been busy playing with this cute little baby!!

4th of July at Aimee's house

Miah and Emily


Miah and Nick

Jordan,Emily, and Richard

We rented a beach cabin on Camp Pendelton

And look who decided to show up!!! I got my baby back!

Aimee and Martin. He is soo happy to be at the beach!! NOT

My little beach bunnies!!

I love these kids!!

Emily and Miah on the Ipad

Kayla missed her cousins....for a little while anyway!

S'mores of course

Kayla and Miah

Emily and Nick

Me,Miah, and crazy in the back

Sharing everybody's favorite part of the day

Sleeping next to Nick. He wakes me up every morning to get him cereal