My Family 2011

My Family 2011

Friday, July 20, 2012

Family Pictures

I love these kids. The funny thing is that my mom always talks about getting all the kids together to take a picture. It seems very simple but as they get older someone is always busy with something. We knew all the kids would be at the party but hosting a party and taking a picture with 11 kids is not easy. We had to rush the boys into their white shirts because of course they didn't want to wear them the whole time. Then we had to find a spot to put them. Of course their wasn't a pretty grassy area for them to sit ir any trees nearby to have them stand. Soooo this was it! A bench inder a window. It was the only option and we just had to hurry. Years from now I guess none of that will matter. My mom is happy that we got all her grandchildren in a picture together. The last one was four years ago and Piper wasn't in it! It was a very very fun day!
Emily,Daisy,Nicholas,Martin,Jordan,Piper,Miah,Jimmy,Gavin,Kayla, and Sofia
My four beautiful children

Sofia and Jimmy
(my brother's kids)

Martin, Nick, Miah, and silly Gavin

These girls are beautiful

And so are these ones!!

Kayla with her favorite old lady. Silly Grandma Gates

Monday, July 16, 2012

Piper's First Birthday Party

Piper had the funnest party EVER!!! I just LOVE this baby!!! My mom and I did most of the decorating and it was a lot of fun and stressful at the same time. Epsecially planning it from so far away. My sister wanted to go with a pink lemonade party. We were definatley on a budget but i think it turned out pretty cute anyway. I have some cute family pictures to post next time too. It was a very fun day but I have to admit I am glad it's over!

The prettiest Birthday girl!

So cute!

Piper and her mommy and daddy

This was before we got it all set up but you get the point

The dessert table

Me and the Birthday Girl

Me and my girls

Piper eating her little cake (my mom made it and I love how it turned out)

Piper and her cousins. Not too happy being stuck in her chair

An outfit change to match the big girls!