My Family 2011

My Family 2011

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Ruby

I am going through some stress at work these past few days. It's hard when you find out someone totally backstabbed you. I was even pretty good friends with this person. Well I WAS anyways. Not anymore. It takes me a while to realize that people aren't who you think they are. I trust almost everyone until they hurt me. Once I get burned by you it's very likely we won't be friends anymore. I t takes me a dew dAys but I say a prayer for the person and try to forgive them. I can forgive but I don't forget and I won't be fooled again.  I do have something that made me happy today. I got to face time with Ruby and Jack is coming home on Saturday. Yay for me!!!! He gets to be off for 20  days. We are going to Jordan's boot camp graduation soon and I am so excited. Here are some pictures of the sweetest little girl I know.

Ruby and I getting cozy

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