My Family 2011

My Family 2011

Friday, October 25, 2013

Daisy Lou and Starting Something New

Daisy is going to be 11 in December. She is and always has been a very very busy child. I wish I could have told God in which birth order I wanted my children because I would have chosen Daisy as my first. I feel so guilty all the time because I am never doing enough to keep her happy. I'm sure many parents can relate to this same scenario. I think I have a fun day planned with either me &  Daisy or both the girls. We go out to breakfast and shopping or go watch a movie and have lunch, or even going thrift store shopping together (I'm lucky they both like to do that). After spending half a day out & about I feel good about spending good quality time with them. Not even 10 minutes into the drive home and Daisy will be asking me if we can stop at Wal-Mart, Dairy Queen for ice cream, pick up a friend for a sleepover, or anything and everything her mind can think of. I used to get mad (ok I still do sometimes) because it seems she is so ungrateful for the money/time I've spent with her. Being her mom for so long has made me realize it's more about her wanting to keep busy ALL- THE- TIME!!!! Admitting this to myself is hard enough but admitting it on a blog is even harder. I am a lazy parent these days. I've racked so many hours on field trips, at parks, going on walks, doing arts and crafts, reading books at the library. I did all this three times already. I know Daisy deserves the same but it's just not as fun and exciting the fourth time around.  It takes a lot of effort. My solution to her busy child syndrome is that I try to keep her busy in sports. She really likes dancing but it gets pretty expensive so I rotate her in and out of different types of sports. This way she doesn't get too bored with the same thing. She had her last volleyball game yesterday and what do you know????? She's already hounding me about what's next!!!!  "Gotta love her" is what my husband always says. And I do. I really do!!

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