My Family 2011

My Family 2011

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Guess Who's Home???

 Jack came home a few weeks ago and this family could not be more excited. Being a single mom is hard work and I am exhausted!!!!! We couldn't go meet him in California when the busses came in but Kayla and Ruby went. He was happy to see Kayla but more excited to meet little Ruby. After staying at Kayla's for the night he flew home the  next morning and we met him at the airport with big sign. Yay, daddy's home!!!!!!!!!

First Day of School 2013

It's very sad that I am down to two kids in my first day of school pictures. I knew these dAys would come but never thought they would at the same time. I can say it was a lot cheaper shopping for school clothes than it ever has been but it's still pretty sad. like I'v said before on my blog, I don't like change too much now that I'm getting older. I just want my little screaming,messy,annoying kids back. I miss my family of six.

Jordan leaves for bootcamp

The dreaded day has finally come. People that know me know that if I had a favourite kid it would be Jordan. Haha. I don't love any of my kids any more than the other but I do get along and liKe Jordan better most of the time. The girls know and they don't even mind because they all say the same thing. Jordan is the most likable funny kid you will ever meet. It's just like the TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond" .  I really don't take any credit for the way he turned out. He's smart, funny, sensitive but tough at the same time, and fun too.  Needless to say this is going to be a looooong 3 months. He graduates November 15th and this mom is so very excited!!!!

Saying goodbye at the airport. I was more nervous than he was. 

Precious Ruby

I will never ever have the words to describe the feelings you get when meeting your grandchild for the first time. It's onE of the happiest days of my life. Meet my precious granddaughter Ruby.

Kayla's Wedding

Our next big event that happened while Jack was gone was our daughter's wedding. This was very hard without him there. I have always pictured him walking her down the isle but like many things I have learned this summer I can't control everything. I still try!!! Haha. The Marine Corps makes that even harder. 

Kayla's Baby Shower

My mom, sisters, and I all planned a baby shower for Kayla in August down in Oceanside California. It was hard for me to plan while being up here in Washington but it was soooo much fun !! We had a garden party theme. I have better photos than these but they are on my sd card and I don't have that at the moment. These are from my phone.

Jordan's High School Graduation

My little boy graduated from high school and I couldn't be more proud. He has always gotten good grades and never been in trouble. When your child graduates it's a bitter sweet moment. All of a sudden his whole childhood zoomed by. I just love him so much.

Jordan with his friends at his graduation party

Me, Jordan, and his recruiter

Saying goodbye to Jack

 A lot has happened in this past year. Our family has gone through many major life change. Most of them were good changes but the older I get the more I want things to stay the same. Changes are scary. Jack had to leave to Afghanistan this past April for seven months.
Saying goodbye at the airport

Jack on the far left

Hello Again

Last December we found out our little girl was having a baby!! It was a big shock and I have to admit I wasn't happy. I was disappointed in her and worried for her at the same time. She was still in Japan and this wasn't part of our plan. I have now realized that she is a big girl and makes her own decisions. We support our children no matter what. Even when we dont agree with their decisions.  

Kayla's ultrasound
 Kayla at 8 months

Kayla and Jordan